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Chains Around Your Heart Lyrics It's a late cool autumn evening And the sunset melts into night With a v-twin throbbing beneath me And my head's spinning allright Ritchie and me we started as kids In a rock 'n' roll band on the street where we lived It's a long hard ride till the morning As the trees and wind start to sing Chains around your heart that bind Break away and leave them behind Well once there was a time in this rock 'n' roll dream This here town would be rip apart at the seams Now I'm out of money and Billy's out of work Eddie's pushin' pencils for the county clerk Everybody's job is getting pushed out of town Life is just knockin' 'em down Boyhood dreams are run into the ground Long dark shadows hang over this town Cast away the chains that bleed Break away and I leave you free Take my hand come leave with me As nighttime fades away we'll ride the hills and desert sand Cross the barren land All the families have all gone Their jobs went before them I'm sure They knocked down the corner barber shop And put up a super triple level parking lot There once was a time you could vote for a man Who wouldn't try and stick a gun in your hands So cut out all your talkin' And make love with me through the night Chains around your heart that bind Break away and leave them behind Just leave them behind Just leave them behind

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