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(Tosca)(What strange and lovely harmony) Recondita armonia di belleze diverse!... E bruna Floria, l'ardente amante mia. E te, beltade ignota, cinta di chiome bionde! Tu azzuro hai l'occhio, Tosca ha l'occhio nero! L'arte nel suo mistero le diverse belleze insiem confonde: ma nel ritrar costei il mio solo pensiero, ah! il mio solo pensier, sei tu, Tosca, sei tu! SYNOPSES Cavaradossi is working on a portrait of the Madonna for the church of Saint Andrea. Though the painting closely resembles a beautiful parishioner there, Cavaradossi explains that it is a combination of that woman, who he does not know, and his own dark-haired, dark-eyed lover Floria Tosca. ENGLISH TRANSLATION What strange and lovely harmony of such different beauties! How dark is Floria, this ardent love of mine. And you, mysterious beauty, long and blond flowing tresses how your eyes are sky-blue, Tosca's eyes are black-night. Art, too, with its many mysteries, blends all together such different beauties. But though I paint another, my only thought is you, oh, my only thought is you, Tosca, is you, is you!

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