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Sometimes you find out what you wanted Isn't really what you need And the dream in all its promise Was never meant to be All your hopes and desperation Won't make it like it was And you believe the pain will never end Believe me in time it does CHORUS You've gotta know when love is over You've gotta learn to carry on And with the world upon your shoulders You walk away when hope is gone When your golden road has reached the end You find the strength to start again you know There's a time for love and a time for letting go When you're standin' tall tomorrow Looking back at yesterday Through the memory of your sorrow How the dawn was so far away You'll be far beyond the shadow Where hearts can learn to shine And you'll realize the endless night Was only a moment in time (CHORUS REPEAT) The night is long the night is cold With nothing to believe in Just hold on, 'cause life goes on Your new day is waiting, let go and let it begin (CHORUS REPEAT)

Piesa muzica Michael Bolton cuvinte. Asculta A TIME FOR LETTING GO muzica straina muzica cuvintele versuri ultima melodie versuri Pop asculta versurile cantece.

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