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Yo, I dedicate this, to yo... To all my fans, keeping y'all in health Let's tell this Whitey Ford to go fuck himself Cuz its cruel when you cause a bad heart condition-in Which I create, cuz that's my mission So listen close, to what we say, Because... This type of fag claims that every gay I, knew you was jealous from the day that I met you I upset you, cuz I get respect I bet you I'm even liked better by your neice and nephew Now you hate Fred because leathal left you Peckerwood mad cuz his record went wood No respect in the hood, led to his neck of the woods Got in touch with his roots, found a redneck in his blood And said, "Heck, country western rap records are good!" So he picks a guitar up and he strums a few notes He can't rap, or sing, but he wants to do both Puts an album out, and rules for part of the year Then Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit come from out of nowhere It's the start of an era, rock rap's harder this year No one's tryin to hear some fuckin old fart in a chair Sittin on stage, strummin acoustic guitar in your ear So you start to get scared, sit back and spark an idear Figured you can diss me to jump start your career I'll punch you in your fuckin chest til your heart kicks in gear Fuck the underground partys, names, his crew Like I'ma say their names so they can be famous too

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