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Versuri Quest For Fire

(Harris) In a time when dinosaurs walked the earth When the land was swamp and caves were home In an age when prize possession was fire To search for landscapes men would roam. Then the tribes they came to steal their fire And the wolves they howled into the night As they fought a vicious angry battle to save the power of warmth and light. Drawn by quest for fire They searched all through the land Drawn by quest for fire Discovery of man. And they thought that when the embers died away That the flame of life had burnt and died Didn't know the sparks that made the fire Were made by rubbing stick and stone. So they ploughed through the forest and swamps of danger And they fought the cannibal tribes and beasts In the search to find another fire To regain the power of light and heat. Drawn by quest for fire They searched across the land Drawn by quest for fire Discovery of man.

Versuri descarca album versuri. Melodiei melodiei Iron Maiden muzica straina album cuvintele melodia Quest For Fire cuvinte album Rock.

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