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I have told you things need to change You never listened or came to my aid The vicious cycle has not changed My times spent rearranged Motherfuck it all I can't stand this Remember then I said Everyone makes me sick Well nothing has changed I hate everyone The vicious cycle still remains Constant clusterfuck, bloodstains Ignorance, you kill for God Expression not allowed You fucked it up With your motherfucking games Remember when I said I was so ashamed Well nothing has changed You have to Pick and choose your fights You have to Come out of this alive I have told you things need to change You never listened, never came to my aid The vicious cycle still not changed My judgement fades away You'll never change me Remember we are through I am staying here To betray all of you And nothing will change

Pure Hatred muzica straina versuri versurile ultima melodie asculta muzica piesa. Chimaira cantece asculta melodiei versurile versuri.

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