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Face black another shadow of innocence tainted Gave back all the lights and glitter Wrong track again and again is stings Wish you all could feel like this 12 is for the reason of regret 9 is for the pain that I'm caused Will strife ever cease? Someday... Fuck this mind that is made to hate Complete the task of humility Restrained from who they want me to be That's what they want me to be That is not quite good enough for me Fuck you and your thoughts on me Fuck you and your thoughts of me Fuck you how can I not be me Fuck you I will never let you take me I will never be that good little one I can never see what is so good about life I can never change just who I am or what is I think I am doing My hands fell down now I know I failed You were not there to pick up the waste of this pathetic tale Maybe I should just end all this right here Would you like that? Maybe you could cope knowing that you all have succeeded I am staying here to betray all of you Never failing me again Cut a bleeds slowly can you see it ooze? I'm going to save me My eyes turn the color jade I look at everyone around me I am so sick of this place Anyone and anything makes me sick I just want to end it all I return to my room walls white with black shades Oh how would red look? The reasons are not for your ears The feelings are not for your heart I circle in tears wishing, hoping, dreaming Can I find a way out besides this? I need it I want to be where you are I miss you

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