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[Fredro Starr] The pussy one, who is he? He ain't gettin busy, ah, I'm gettin pissy I'm havin fill nigga, shout muthafuckas Bringin 96 to freeze in December, fuck all of y'all [Sticky Fingaz] Punk ass niggas make me fuckin sick And I can't take it no more, gettin tired of this shit If ya stupid ass muthafuckas don't quit I'm have a fit, and ya gonna flip [Sonsee] Hardcore galore is what I'm for And breakin punks jaws, let me hear yea y'all (yea y'all) I'm the kind, that's swingin ya mind Or play it, takin KO, and plus, wit verbal hay makers Connections, whatever I'm flexin Ain't no question, punks, prepare for more stressin Punkmotherfukaz, Punkmotherfuckaz

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