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(Onyx, Onyx..) Move back .. the Onyx is here! Back up, back up .. the Onyx is here! Chorus: Onyx (repeat 2X) (Onyx, Onyx..) Move back .. the Onyx is here! Back up, back up .. the Onyx is here! [Fredro Starr] Yeah, yeah Yeah make way for the wild child! Stop screamin, you're fiendin Play that, say that, dip dive socialize Uncivilized guys RISE UP! And pop wasn't ready the way they say this cause we hate it Back up, back off, lick shot for that tree spot Onyx is the antidote for all your problems (yeah, yeah) Damn! Don't it feel good [Sonee Seeza/Sonsee] Yo, I know you love to hate it, but you cannot explain Why you keep puttin Mad Face in your veins Oooh, yeah, there, I got it Afficial Nastee psychotic.. [Fredro Starr] .. spies got spotted! So travel through the mind of a maniac automatic You panic get deaded, a nigga on the planet [Sonee Seeza/Sonsee] Feel the black stone, hit the do', roamin the ??????cal Fills and skills to put chills in ya backbone Chorus 2X [Big DS] 1-to-the-9-to-the-9-to-the-3, solid as a rock! So back up off the block, blow up the spot So left-right-left-right Take it to the center, and enter (The black reign domain, a plain you never been to) And you know what this is (what?) Face down on the floor Give me it all, I got they back against the wall.. {*echoes*} Chorus 2X [Sticky Fingaz] Don't be afraid, you'll only lose your life that way I'm an endangered species, surprised to live to see today but if you're readin between the enemy line you'll find I'm insane Too much strain on the brain, capable to pop a vein So I'ma do-it do-it do-it do-it do it like this The Onyx is here, so back up or get dissed And if you put me to the test, I'll lay you to rest Bring it right to his chest, put it straight through his vest Chorus 2.5X Back, UP!!! Onyx is here..

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