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Versuri Professional Heartbreakers

I: When your heart will beat too strong (It will beat too strong, was it ?) It will call for (take my word) your love (It will call for your love, yeah) If you really feel it will (it will girl) last so long (It will last so long, girl) Just take care 'cause it's love (It is love girl, it is love, say it) (Say it. Listen to my words, girl. Say it ! Say it !) II: Don't you let your heart be taken By professional heartbreakers They will come to steal your heart After you will fall apart Knowing love is all that matters They will send to you a letter 'I will love you, I will need you Sorry but I have to leave you'. Refren(x2): Heartbreakers, Don't let them in your lives Heartbreakers... Heartbreakers, Will come to steal your hearts Heartbreakers... III: First time when you fall in love You will feel like flying, flying An old bullet to your heart Hurts you, kills you Can't stop crying Your heart is so full of love One day, girl, it may explode Realeasing a big shock wave And heartbreakers run away. Refren(x2):.. IV: All the girls from love universe Gather near me and listen to my words I'm gonna be your father, I'm gonna be your mother If you wanna be my sister, I'm gonna be your brother Girl, you have to analyze Girl, you have to temporize Make no love compromise Don't you let them hypnotize ya Refren(x2):.. II:..

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