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Versuri Love me, love me

When you're lonely in the night I'll be there to hold you tight If you ever want to cry I'll be there to kiss your lies. Prerefren: Every night I hear whispers from my heart Do you own the words (?) of love and you're never gonna cry Every night we will kiss in the moonlight You will never gonna cry, I will never make you cry. Refren(x2): Love me, love me, love me, Feel me, touch me, hold me Take my heart, I'm lonely Kiss me, touch me, love me. ... II: If you let me in your heart We will never be apart Leave your world and come with me Only love can set me free. Prerefren:.. Refren(x2):..

Ultima melodie mp3 Dance versuri cantece muzica. Arsenium descarca melodia versuri asculta muzica romaneasca Love me, love me cuvinte mp3.

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