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[Pete Nice] Juveniles won't smile, vows are reckless Sexless raceless souls unrespected Hooligans and street urchins lurkin Doin hoods, a neighborhood's worst person Raises ? and the pushers and perverts Butchers cut like cold cuts the mind works Wise or weak on the weary and the wicked Plagues a city street swell in evil-fitted Man verse man, the haves against have-nots House a kid for grips, leave him in his socks Precedence of decadence is put out Scramble hands full of merchandise he got out Tooken taken a picture of figured strife Subsisting on the minimal fruits of life Attitudes are skewed from the right pile Introduction of a character problem child Problem that I can't fix.. (8X) [MC Serch] Kids makin bids cause they're products, so what? You still get left with a donut No such luck in the scam to make paper Skiddin off the edge ya portrays a faker Fakin the plans like the plans of mice and men lands a man a chance of one to ten But the man ain't enough to legally drink and guess what punk - your shit still stink! Now you perp the role - the role of Frank Nitti He ain't a hero cause he landed on the roof of a Chevy So play the life of Untouchable The fast life, the wrong life, and so much for the criminal times but time rollin in reverse I wanted to be older, before I saw a hearse Take the weight off my boys who are buckwild The life and death and times of a problem child Problem that I can't fix.. (8X) [Pete Nice] Problems problems of the Prodigal end up on the page of periodicals A pinnacle mess, movin blocks to sell blocks Under locks and keys no G's clocked He strays like a pig who don't fly straight in the pen playin foul and third rate Take a step back and meet your maker See play your Maytag statistic on paper Philosophy not of a giver he's a taker Later words turn to dust he's the traitor Sells you out for a quick fix dime drops Got a chip on his shoulder without props A bad seed leads himself the stray way Puttin off evidence of Judgment Day Judge not the culprit or pull the file The life and death and times of a problem child Problem that I can't fix.. (8X) [MC Serch] I step careful - into the next frame Lame you're just a stunt playin a sex game I start to wink, you think he's on your hightail Frail you're shallow as you swallow up your bare sale Tail stickin out like a bumper to a Maxima Taxin a brother for a fee to get sex in a wetbed Sheddin your gear like a snake does a skin Begin to get slim as he's sexin you in He moves deeper, asleep is what you thought he was But he went bolo, so low you felt and that's because the minute he got in and violated you and became ill; treated you just like a Flush'n'Fill The next crisis, you're ice is clearin off your mind Cause you're playin life from the CD of behind Time to wake up can't you see that you're robbin wild File this style as another of the problem child! Problem that I can't fix.. (8X)

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