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Lies catholic faith, american pride, marital vows, the perfect bride fallin' in love, trust in man, someday you'll understand blood runs deeper, equal rights, follow me you're safe tonight plastic smile, her tear filled eyes all of these are fucking lies everything that i have seen in my life leaves me blind all are fuckin' lies knight in shining armore karma dishonor heaven and hell and nirvana promises perfect and serve believe in me you have my word A.D.D. conversing up assassinations beginners luck brother love caucasian christ all of these are fucking lies [chorus] fallacies have blackened my soul and i burn because i feel controlled so i do what i gotta do voice my hatred love has faded jaded by the world that i'm living in fuck no i ain't that nodel citizen just a hood tryin' to get the dividend seeing right throught those they just want to keep us down in this life so we have no insight to what the fuck is really going on on the inside desensitized to neutalize so there'll be no resistance aimed at their existence for instance nine to five slave presistence brain washing billboards make for big business subliminal visuals criminal individuals suits and ties disguise the lies they advertise i'm checking the damage they've done it's like i'm starin'n at the sun burnin' turning my heart into stone left me alone in this battle zone there aint no way out you gotta pay out with damnation or pacification [chorus] everything that i see all lies everything that i see all lies everything that i see all lies everything that i see all lies ultima melodie All lies cuvinte muzica straina piesa melodiei ultima melodie A Death For Every Sin. melodiei versuri versuri asculta.

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