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Skin, skin make me sin Let me in Take my mind and fly Away Haven?t got a clue Don?t know what to do No sense and nonsense, I love to dance But I?m gonna pass Today No more like before Now that I have founded you Chorus : If this is how you prefer, I?ll take all the blame What do you need now? All of your boats are off the shore We have lost a dream, I don?t understand how ... Knok, knock look who?s here, Have a beer Take a sit than go Away Haven?t got a clue, Don?t know what to do Chorus : ... Cleaning up the mess You are stressed Bad behaviour Today No more than before, Now that I have founded you ... Chorus : ...

Mp3 cuvintele muzica muzica AB4 cuvinte muzica romaneasca Rock melodia melodia. Versuri cuvinte versurile melodiei versuri Preferences cuvinte piesa.

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