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Versuri M t v (mouse trough veins)

Now that you're coming to me I open my eyes just to see All of my thoughts going free A reason enough for to be chorus:Hear you When you barely just breath in next to my ears You're whispering the magic words See you When you barely just step in next to my eyes Searching on my soul It's all but a craft all the way Compel and burn out then I lay Whay else is now left to say? Follow the night Follow your light Forgetting that: Somethimes you are not here with me I often need you And you're not around I'm so fucked up And I need you more Don't you ever let me down chorus: This is all I can fell asculta ultima melodie cuvinte M t v (mouse trough veins) cuvintele melodia. Versuri album melodia AB4 Rock asculta muzica romaneasca cuvintele cuvinte cuvinte versuri.

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