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Versuri Poor Girl

Tone Stevens-Chrysalis Music Ltd. This is a story 'bout a poor girl, a story that you ought to know She lived all alone in a one room flat on a street where the lights are low Every night about the same time she'd go and put her glad rags on Go to the place that everyone goes to Boogaloo all night long She's a poor girl Born and raised in the country she got tired of pushing a plow She take my train to the city and mother you should look at her now With her rattlesnake boots, elephant bag, genuine crocodile hide Around her neck to top it off she even wears persian cat She's a poor girl That was the story of the poor girl but now she uses her head She's back home working on the land instead of playing in bed The fast life she was living took her as it's prey Now she's back in the country getting fatter every day She's a Poor Girl

Ultima melodie asculta mp3 album. Ultima melodie Savoy Brown melodia muzica cuvintele cantece versuri muzica straina Poor Girl mp3 versuri.

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