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Versuri Poor Cow

Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Available on the album Reg Strikes Back There's another one due in three month's time She'll have to paint the spare room blue She'll work a little overtime And hope it all works out for Frank and her If she can keep him home nights Away from those factory girls And the gas bills come and the money burns And Frank just keeps complaining How little they both earn And mother drops by Mondays Just to nag about the world Then she stays to nag at Dallas `Cause she hates those Texas girls Poor cow You'll get your dumb man You'll see your whole life coming at you In the back of his hand Poor cow It's a monkey see town You'll walk down the aisle In the hand me down gown Of some poor cow Oh them rich bitch girls Ain't like our lass Got no spine for labour Like us working class Us gamey lot Still got our pride We got our health It's just the truth that's died

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