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Versuri Angeline

Music by Elton John and Alan Carvell Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Available on the album Leather Jackets Well I'm work shy, I'm wild-eyed So shut that door when the baby cries And keep me well fed, give me warm bread Lay my body on a feather bed And spoil me, Angeline Get to work when the whistle screams, Angeline Maybe someday, some way Somewhere in the future there's more pay Give me more cash, bring me sour mash Peel me a grape and fetch my stash And bite me, Angeline Let me use you like a sex machine, Angeline You've got to swing that hammer, punch that card Angeline I love you when you work so hard Swing that hammer and sew my jeans Angeline just loves it when I treat her mean Well I talk tough, I act rough Lay still honey I can't get enough And keep your nose clean, let me be On your knees when you speak to me And trust me, Angeline And talk real dirty and I'll make you scream Angeline

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