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Versuri Piece Of My Heart

Everyday, all night long I keep on wondering 'bout what went wrong Was I blessed, was I cursed? It doesn't matter, but what made it burst? Whatever put me down - It hit me hard, you know, so hard It took my breath away and now it broke my heart Tell me what turns you on, what makes you drill my every single bone? Now you win, an' I lost. I waste my time around this evil ghost Whatever gets you high - it's tearing me apart so hard But I don't wanna know what made you break my heart Now I'm turning away. In die end of the day As I'm looking behind, pass the enemy line While the smoke disappears - you're alone with your tears, And a new day's begun, but there's nowhere to run All your fences are up as they were from the start, So while I'm moving away, there's only one thing to say: Doesn't matter who's fault - if you're still standing tall Or you're falling apart - you can keep a little piece of my heart.

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