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[Bonus track] I've been up, I've been down Bigger stuff couln't kick me around So you can drop your illusions and hopes About making me cold I've been low, I've been high Tell me, while I was learning to fly Were you feeding your bitch with the gold paid For your friends whom you sold? Can't you understand? I watch your bridges burning Snake around my hand just bit again I'm your smile and I'm your tear I'm your pleasure, I'm your fear When you're down on the floor I'm your master, I'm your slave I'm the one who you've betrayed Nothing is real and it never will be like before I'm your freedom, I'm your drug I'm your shadow in the dark Nowhere to hide or to run anymore I'm your shame and I'm your pride Now I'm leaving you behind Waiting for my pain to knock on your door You can roll, you can crowl I think Biff's kind of said it all You're getting rid of the deadly desease By cutting it right out I guess you make your point Selling friends for the shiny coin You can cheat, you can lie - can you die And make your maker proud?

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