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I need somebody who's consistent with me Someone already there when I need company 'Cause when l'm feelin' low I don't want to have to go out lookin' For a part-time kind of love And when the dreams and rainbows start to disappear Don't want somebody up and runnin' outa here 'Cause when you stop and start Baby it's just too hard upon my heart That part-time kind of love And I can't take you darlin' livin' here wait and see I want somebody who's committed now to me Somewhere, someday you'll have to take a chance So if you like the music baby get up and dance And if we grow together daring to dream I know we'll find our shares of peaches and cream And when the juices flow I don't want no no no excuses Just want your full time love for me Just want your full time love for me.

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