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Versuri Overnight Sensation

Hollywood, sure looked good to me when I first come Made my vow, somehow everyone would know my name Patiently, kept on waiting for my chance to come Prideful me, there's no returning to where I came from But she went back, the lovely lady who come west with me She could not wait, now she's married living happily But I still say a superstar is just a break away And I must try, it's do or die until I hear the people say... You made it, you made it Our local boy has made it good You made it, you made it Overnight Sensation in Hollywood Back again, make the rounds and go from door to door Sorry friend, you're just not quite what we were looking for A letter comes, she still writes to you from time to time You'd like to call, but she's too happy and besides you need the dime Then at lost, someone's calling with a role to play It concerns a man who's lost his lover when she went away A star is born, no one's ever seen it played so well It almost seems the tears are real but it's just too hard to tell... You made it, you made it Found the price and paid it, I knew you would You made it, you made it Overnight Sensation in Hollywood

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