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Pariah Under Glass Lyrics Symbolized patronized and then tossed out dry revolution or humiliation promise the bread the wine a life that shines pick them up from the floor to get knocked down again when you're bored with your mission and a new one begins ride - your new thrill ride smug - it suits you well god - in your new science lab master - of your new promised land echo care and fake some tears to show your opponent throwing bones with bread and circus to disguise the proof you only empower yourself when those in need become your new test subjects in your smear campaign 101 recycle control from their hands to your own every word is dropping empty promise again focus away from day to day for your own ends their means are dying shame - the act is old count - your saintly sermon cells saint - for your own rewards bring - the mercy merchants down Pariah Under Glass melodia versuri versurile asculta asculta descarca melodia Boy Sets Fire. Cuvinte melodia cuvintele ultima melodie cantece muzica straina versuri.

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