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Eat me Eat me love Leave nothing behind Swallow me, all of me Drink me love Pour me in you Devour me Drink me in large gulps Consume me love I want you To inhale me all of me Drown me love In a bottomless pond I'll never return Swallow me, all of me I prefer you in a form of a love letter I don't like you, I hate you Your smug little smile makes me sick I gave you nothing, you gave me nothing, Why did we meet... Eat me love Your open mouth Eat.. me.. love I, on your tongue, You got to eat me love.. Eat me love You gulp me Eat me love I-I down your gullet You eat me love. Eat me love, I in the stomach, Eat me love, eat me love, You splash acid on me. Eat me love, I travel down the intestines, Eat me love, Through the bowels And out! Eat me love! Eat me love! I hate you!

Versurile melodia descarca PUMP mp3 versuri cuvintele. Melodia ultima melodie Diverse cuvintele melodia asculta ultima melodie versuri album muzica straina cantece melodiei Bjork.

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