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Your flirt finds me out Teases the crack in me Smittens me with hope Possibly maybe possibly maybe possibly maybe* As much as I definitely enjoy solitude I wouldn't mind perhaps Spending little time with you Sometimes Sometimes Possibly maybe probably love Uncertainty excites me Baby Who knows what's going to happen? Lottery or car crash Or you'll join a cult Probably maybe possibly love Mon petit vulcan Your* eruptions and disasters I keep calm Admiring your* lava I keep calm Possibly maybe probably love Electric shocks? I love them! With you dozen a day But after a while I wonder Where's that love you promised me? Where is it?* Possibly maybe probably love How can you offer me love like that? My heart's burned How can you offer me* love like that? I'm exhaused Leave me alone Possibly maybe probably love Since we broke up I'm using lipstick again I* suck my tongue in* remembrance of you Possibly maybe possibly maybe possibly maybe...* asculta muzica straina muzica. Melodia piesa cantece POSSIBLY MAYBE cuvinte descarca ultima melodie versuri melodiei piesa cuvinte Bjork versuri Diverse.

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