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Versuri Out of the red

I ain't got no outfits to pick and choose So I really ain't got that much to lose Picture's gettin' fuzzy and it's stuck on channel three And the whole thing's lookin' pretty silly to me Fifty thousand more and I'm out of the red Heavy metal thrash band, it's all a bunch of shit People tryin' to name me while I'm tryin' to do my bit I ain't got the patience or the time to waste Call me a rock star, you can spit in my face Gonna take a horse to drag me outta my bed I'd rather hang with drunks than hang out with myself Well, the booze is over there, take a glass off the shelf If you ain't had enough by tomorrow at noon We're gonna place a call to the boneyard crew Went to sleep at home and woke up in a shed Oh, son of a bitch!

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