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Versuri Impersonality

When I was three feet tall I loved the mall And lived life for myself Fallin' down for laughs Your photograph Some puppets made of felt Watching life in Oz Thanksgivin' Eve on Grandma's old TV Dancing roundabout, I'd twist and shout for everyone to see Impersonality It's leanin' hard on me Mama's in a shop Watching little sister by myself Robbed a wishing pond In a fleeting bond Vowed to share the wealth Scooping up the coins A warning shot from some authority Doesn't matter now, but I'll shout out loud for everyone to see Never got to know you Did you ever wonder why? Now it's nice to know ya And I'm glad you're doing fine Think of all the time lost Was it really lost at all? Now I'm so proud of ya I'd love to tell you all I see Listen hard to your reality Impersonality It's leanin' hard on me Impersonality It's leanin' hard on me

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