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Versuri One for each day

River make a run give a name to a son Take a boat on a float in the evening sun And carry it away Memories rain on an endless pain Spill my head on a bed with an empty brain And carry it away Away from me… Sunny honey moon in the afternoon Take a nap in the gap that fills my room Whenever I come You pay me to hit and you pay me to strip You squeeze me and stretch me and force me to fit But I’ll come undone….mysteriously Come up from behind and fold me blind Take an eye and a mind if you find That’s good enough Play me on a string, make my heartbell ring Put the blade in the shade and a finger in the ring That’s good enough Enough for me Nothing’s unexpected Yesterday is the same Nothing comes as expected Tomorrow’s changing Take me on a date to a blindfold fate Drop your feet in street if you come too late I will be gone Share a little dream but it’s not what it seems There’s a soul in the hole where the darkness gleams Waiting for one You can play a part across my head Have fun in the lungs when the breathing starts Blowing away Everyone I know, every place I go Drop a coin in the loins if you wanna see the show one for each day.

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