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Versuri Last of Your Kind

Iíve seen my sweet dreams on your blue screens Changing points of view Dropped my rusty, selfish anchor as close as I could to you Went to a party on the moon Hope to see you soon Donít spread in all directions each time Donít leave me here without a supply Hope youíve seen my desperate smoke signs Just in time before the storm Iíve burned my right and left and right hand To show you where Iíve gone Went to a party with your clone Still I hope to see you alone Donít spread in all directions each time Donít leave me here without a supply Oh darling, last of your kind Oh darling, rest your case in my mind Iíve seen it all and all before The head wants less the heart wants more And every eyeís different sign Youíve changed your ways to something strange Far out of sight Far out of range The globe is warming up as you get COLD

Cuvinte muzica romaneasca muzica asculta. Melodiei Last of Your Kind album melodia ultima melodie melodia Rock Kumm versuri versuri.

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