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Versuri One Shot At Glory

Let me hear the battle cry Calling on the wind Let me see the banners fly Before the storm begins Let me feel the spirits soar Destroy the enemy Striking at the evil core For all the world to see This day will last forever Deep in the hearts of men Courage and victory Remember, remember One Shot At Glory In the crossfire overhead Fate stands before me Words have all been said One Shot At Glory Driving hard and seeing red Destiny calls me One night of fire One Shot At Glory Fighting on with dignity In life and death we deal The power and the majesty Amidst the blood and steel I still hear the battle cry The call goes on and on I still see the banners fly The battle's always won

Muzica straina mp3 cuvinte album Rock. One Shot At Glory melodiei Judas Priest versurile album versuri cuvintele versuri ultima melodie.

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