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Versuri Love Bites

When you feel safe When you feel warm That's when I rise That's when I crawl Gliding on mist Hardly a sound Bring the kiss Evils abound In the dead of night Love bites Love bites In the dead of night Love bites Into your room Where in deep sleep There you lie still To you I creep Then I descend Close to your lips Across you I bend You smile as I sip Now you are mine In my control One taste of your life And I own your soul Softly you stir Gently you moan Lust's in the air Wake as I groan In the dead of night Love bites Love bites In the dead of night Love bites Love bites you Invites you To feast in the night Excites you Delights you It drains you to white Love bites You knew at first sight You'd enjoy my attack That with my first bite There'd be no turning back So come in my arms I strike any hour I will return To trap and devour In the dead of night Love bites

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