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Versuri One Of These Days

If I had a dime for every time I heard my old man say one of these days I wouldnââ¬â¢t be like my old man today talking bout places that heââ¬â¢d been back in his younger days that he was gonna go back to again one of these days Dropped out of school when he was just sixteen fell right in to a tire plant building the very things that make the asphalt sing and put Alabama far behind you I remember him saying that Chicago was a hell right here on earth and twenty five years later I was saying the same thing about Memphis Itââ¬â¢s no wonder everybodies scared of downtown Birmingham itââ¬â¢s just a little too close to home But thereââ¬â¢s more crooks down here and the cops donââ¬â¢t care, while old white men wearing ties can do anything they want. Once a country boyââ¬â¢s seen the way the steam rises off a manââ¬â¢s insides on the sidewalk Tends to change the way he thinks, the way he sees everything and he goes back to where he came from One of these days when my face looks like a roadmap gonna find my way back home. And iââ¬â¢ll go walking on the west side after dark and leave my gun locked in my car. One of these days youââ¬â¢ll take one look at me and run. One of these days youââ¬â¢ll take one look at me and run. lyrics by Mike Cooley / music by Drive-by Truckers

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