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Versuri Marry Me

Well, my daddy didn抰 pull out, but he never apologized Rock and Roll means well, but it can抰 help tellinyoung boys lies. A baby on the way抯 a good enough reason to get you out alive Get you out without having to swallow any pride. All my friends are restless, all they do is talk it down, two or eight lanes, it don抰 matter, it抯 just another town. There抯 a fool on every corner, on every street, in every one and I抎 rather be your fool nowhere than go somewhere and be no one's So Marry Me, Sweet Thing won抰 you Marry Me Your Mama thinks I beat anything she抯 ever seen. This old town抯 alright with me, there抯 nowhere I抎 rather be. Long as they stay mad at one another, they can抰 get mad at me Every time I leave here something bad happens to me Like a busted hand or finding some man laying where I sleep She don抰 mean nothing to me, that抯 just how it goes round here It抯 a cartoon town, I play my part, and I ain抰 spoke her name in years So Marry Me......... I don抰 want anything I done to be nobody抯 fault even if they got more money and mouth than they got balls. That抯 just how it went down, right or wrong, it抯 just that way. Just cause I don抰 run my mouth don抰 mean I got nothing to say.... Marry Me.........

Album descarca versuri versuri melodiei. Cuvintele muzica straina cuvinte album melodia Drive By Truckers album melodiei Marry Me.

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