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Versuri Once Around The Block

You quiver like a candle on fire I'm putting you out Maybe tonight we could be the last shout But I'm fascinated by your style Your beuaty will last for a while You're feeling instead of being The more that I live on the inside There's nothing to give I'm infatuated by your moves I've got to search hard for your clues I want to repair your desire And call it a gift That I stole from just wanting to live Now I see the vision thru your eyes Your innocence no longer fuels surprise Trying to outrun your fear Running to lose Heart on your sleeve and your sole in your shoes Take a left, A sharp left And another left, meet me on the corner And we'll start, again.

Cuvintele cantece melodia asculta Badly Drawn Boy muzica straina melodiei cuvinte melodiei. Versuri album asculta versuri asculta Once Around The Block album melodiei.

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