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Versuri Say It Again

You squeeze the life right out of me Like sapping the juice of a bumblebee And then you call me honey You say it once and it isn't funny When you say it again And inside theres a style Going on A head full of dreams Only room for one Now I know you can't live without me But I've no doubt that you'll never doubt me Like you did before Were pumping out love Into the sea I'm full bodied And bursting with energy Cold blooded your engines are running But where your going I'm not coming Cause I'm happy here Cause I'm happy here Now we've found a rocksteady beat Now all we need is a melody And words that mean something and nothing So people hear and can sing along until they Say It Again If there's trouble ahead It won't be bothering me With no future I'll live on memory Dried of thoughts but my nose is runny Say what you think but I know I'm funny Say it Again

Muzica versurile cuvinte piesa Say It Again versuri mp3 muzica straina ultima melodie descarca. Cantece Badly Drawn Boy descarca cantece versuri piesa.

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