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Memories burning in your brain As you mentally die Always right or wrong in your deeds, real... ...Belief wasn't your why Feel your bare thought boiling in pain and Making your dream no more Now all this drifting through life is Faking you to a slow decline That will Finish your helpless soul off (Remember, your disgrace is the strength of another...) You were tempted to share your remorse Or to pray for the end But on the road to your conclusion Your path steeply descends Now, giving yourself up to despair, you... ...Feel consumed by the time Past no longer tortures your eyes, but All I see is no lack of Sadness Coldness towards your own life You did never look for freedom Tied to the schemes of humanity And your frailties are easy to see But regarding all my wisdom In front of this sad reality No more my life is scaring me... ...And the solitude in its cold embrace Is silently touching you Your nerves need frustration... ...An instrument of torture, so pure Now almost mortal The oblivion's coils you're in Another star dying away The umpteenth sign on my... ...Skin cuvinte versurile versuri cuvintele versuri. piesa album piesa ultima melodie muzica straina melodia mp3 On My Skin Sinoath versurile.

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