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...And I thought I had always Always watched ahead ...Though I had walked by the steps of a man Who knows. Perfectly himself... Looking on, how the sun rises And dies within a day But did I sincerely see What I am, anyway? Losing my glance in the vacuum After so many whys Finally realized I was wrong... (I know I was wrong) In my haunted mind I feel The doubt of existence growing And surrounded with a dying tomorrow A vain breath of life crawling I get closer to nothing To my enemy's hands All is covered with an obscure cloak in which My lifeless answers stand But someday I'll understand And see beyond your eyes I'll know my truth by my awareness Rediscovering my rise No more light in my tired mind No more strength in my arms No existence bars opposed to our being Just the satisfied thirst for living Indeed I'll never know myself In spite of my strong will ...And yet I thought I had walked so long...

All My Thoughts ultima melodie piesa piesa cuvinte piesa muzica straina album melodiei. Ultima melodie versuri versuri cuvintele muzica cuvintele Sinoath asculta.

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