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Versuri OleaER Baugh Road

Ole’ Baugh Road Alabama Album: Southern Star Round Ole Baugh Road it’s a great place kids to grow Some grow up and move away Most of us decide to stay Round the ole’Baugh Road Hard working mom and dad gave us things that they never had in our corner of the world Romance is slow for the boys and girls Round the ole’ Baugh Road The neighborhood still looks the same just new kids with the same old names My Baugh Road’s in a southern state Your’s may be anywhere, USA Look around ole’ Baugh Road. I see the kids on Ole’ Baugh Road I see the glory of the future glow Look to the Heavens and give a shout Like my daddy did when he started out. Round, round, round the ole Baugh Road, Round, round, round, Round, round, round Round, round, round, The Ole’Baugh Road Round, round, round, Round, round, round

Melodia ultima melodie album melodia muzica straina muzica ultima melodie. Versuri cuvinte album cuvintele Alabama asculta OleaER Baugh Road versuri.

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