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Versuri Close Enough To Perfect

Sometimes her morning coffee's way too strong And sometimes what she says she says all wrong But right or wrong she's there beside me Like only a friend would be And thats close enough to perfect for me Now she's been known to wear her pants too tight And drinking puts her out just like a light Heaven know's she's not an angel, but she'd really like to be And that's close enough to perfect for me Chorus: She kisses me each morning And smiles her sleepy smile And she don't have to say it I can see it in her eyes Don't you worry about my woman Or what you think she ought to be 'Cause she's close enough to perfect for me Well sometimes she gets down and starts to cry But then again a lady has a right She's everything I ever wanted, she's all I'll ever need She's close enough to perfect for me Chorus Oh, she's close enough to perfect for me

Versuri ultima melodie versurile Alabama muzica straina ultima melodie album muzica. Versuri cuvinte muzica album asculta cuvintele Close Enough To Perfect cantece piesa piesa.

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