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He who stands by me Through the stormy weather, Through good times and bad Always there for me Takes me to the water And quenches my thirst My sweet inspiration I wanna say, 1. Your love is an ocean Wide as the skies A comfort to me Time after time, Your precious love Fills up my cup Touches my soul He who knows me better than no man on earth Guides me to the mountain Witness my rebirth Makes me feel so worthy to belong to him I treasure my commitment And its because Repeat Chorus (1) When I think of your love A ray of hope shines through And shatters the darkness I face Erase all the doubts And fears that chase And guides me to your heavenly place I know you'll always be there, Through thick and thin I know I can depend on you Through thick and thin You comfort me with lovin' arms Through thick and thin He's mine, mine Repeat chorus (1)

Ocean cuvintele descarca melodiei versuri A Death For Every Sin ultima melodie versuri asculta muzica straina mp3. Cantece asculta melodia melodia piesa muzica mp3.

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