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Versuri Nothing to lose

The only way too change me is to blow my brains out stuck in the middle of the game to get the pain out pray to my god everyday but he dont listen the poverty bothers me, Mama's broke and wonders in the Kitchen listen up i hear her crying in the bedroom praying for money will never get, will she be dead soon? Am I wrong for wishing i was somewhere else I'm 13 i can't feed myself Can I blame daddy cause he left me I wish he would of hugged Too much like him so my momma don't love me on my own at a early age, gettin paid And I'm strapped so I'll never be affraid why did I go astray, I'm hangin in the backstreets Runnin with G's and dope feinds, will they Jack me? Can't turn back, my eyez on the prize I got nuttin to loose, everybody gotta die. So Good-bye to the Bad Guy You fucked when we pass bye DUCK DUCK from the glock as the glass fly Do or Die walk a mile in my shoes, And you would be crazy too with nuttin to loose. Chorus x4 i got nuttin to lose i got nuttin to lose i got nuttin to lose I thank the lord for my many blessings, though im stressing keep on a vest for protection, From the barrel of a smith and wesson and all my niggaz in the penn here we go again and nothing separating us from our Mack 10 born in the ghetto as a hustla hold up, staight soulja, buckin at that busta no matter how you try niggaz never die we just retaliate with hate then we multiplie see me striking down the block hittin corners ballin like a muthafucka, living like I wanna Ain't no stopping at the red lights sideways, thug life, muthafucka crime pays let the cops put they lights on chase me niggaz, zig zaggin through the freeway, race me nigga In a high speed chase with the law the realist muthafucka that u ever saw, im living raw till they bury me, dont worry me, im high living like i aint afraid to die and you could walk a mile in my shoes, and u would be crazy too with nuttin to lose chorus Ain't No escape from my Deadly fate and everyday there a million black bodies put to away I'm starting to lose hope, it seems everybodys on dope momma told me to leave cuz she was broke Somtimes I choke on the endo, creeping out the window alone on my own as a criminal got no love from my house though, I'm out gone on the streets screamin mutha-fuck peace I got nothing to lose but something to prove What do I do, Live A Thug Life, Nigga stay true I wonder when they kill me, Is there a heaven for a real G? Lord forgive me if ya feel me Cuz All my life I was dirt broke with no hope, lil skinny mutha-fucka selling dough I hate it,cuttin suckas with my razor blade And everyday Its a struggle to be major paid Anyway its so hard on a Nigga in the City No Pity, ain't no love for a Schurbs, everybody dies and you could walk a mile in my shoes and you would be crazy too with nuttin to lose They wonder what type of Nigga Thug Life Nigga Be the Craziest Mutha-fucka

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