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A- Anita R- Ray A:- Come closer baby I wanna touch you 'Cause I'm filled with desire It's burning in the block, with a fever like fire Desire! CHROUS A:- OH... There's something on your mind When you look across the room I know there's something you can find OH... You're on the borderline When I look into your eyes I know there's something on your mind it's called Desire R:- Desire! The call of the heart Fix you up and dish my apart Attraction, without satisfaction Sure ain't enough, cause you want interaction Now, not a moment to waste Hunger in you know wanna to be Pulling at your heart, buring in your bud With people like fire, Desire R:- Lust, when your body says much You can wish at a star, but don't trust luck If you beaten by book, hooked on the draw Then look for a girl to share your love Heaven, where the angelsdon't go Heaven, where dicks turn to green It's pulling at heart, ruuning in your head Makes your skin scream, UH Desire! CHROUS R:- Desess Leave those bodys alone, you got it on your mind and you're not the only one Attraction, the kiss of introduction Look into our eyes and the kiss becomes abduction Here, where the angels don't go Heaven and nothing but dicks You playing with your heart, playing with your life But you know you got to start, Desire A:- OH... You fill me up You fill me up You fill me with desire OH... Something on you mind Something on your mind Hay... Hay... OH... Burning like fire! A:- Yeah! You fill me with desire You fill me with desire Hey... Boy Something on your mind Something on your mind

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