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Versuri Nothing is the same

When I was feeling 'bout sixteen, I never had no idea. Listen to me if you want to know what I mean, your expression will let me see. I never knew what I was looking for, I never had the time. And now that time has opened up my door, now I'm looking forward just to see what, just what's mine. When I was feeling 'bout eighteen, it's then when I began to see. No matter how hard you push on the door, it won't open without the key. Opportunity only knocks once, if you shut it out it's a sin. And when something keeps right on poundin', then, my friend, you'd better let it in. Now I feel just a little bit old and, sadness fills my brain. I can flash to future years and nothing is the same. Nothing is the same. Nothing is the same. Nothing is the same.

Nothing is the same muzica versuri descarca. Muzica straina melodiei album asculta Grand Funk Railroad piesa melodia versuri cantece cuvinte ultima melodie descarca.

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