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Aimless lady, is this your home town? Tell me baby, tell me where you're bound. When our eyes met, you were in the very first row. I couldn't even guess your name, but I just had to know. You were meant for me, would you grab your coat and flee? You were a mystery, but you just had to be ... An aimless lady. Aimless lady. Aimless lady. Should I try, and satisfy, you lady? Ain't no lie, now we'll get by, my baby. If you can stand, a real good man, now lady, Take my hand, and understand, me baby. Take your time, you're doing fine, now lady. You got yours, and I got mine, now baby. Can you see, the way to be, now lady. Stay with me, and set me free, now baby. Aimless lady. Aimless lady. Aimless lady. You're mine aimless lady. Yeah, aimless lady. You're mine aimless lady. Mine, aimless lady. Oooo ...

Album muzica straina Aimless lady melodiei mp3 cantece melodiei versuri. cuvintele Grand Funk Railroad cuvinte muzica versuri muzica mp3.

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