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Versuri No War (Live Good)

Chorus I and I no deal with no crime tell you people I and I no fight ina no war Defend the good I say we fight gainst the evil Bad boy and me we no spa Verse Young man have fe wise Situation a gwarn in front of them eyes Tell you people don't act so surprise The youth them no bout the gun and the knife No bout the drugs and they fear for them life Say crime never pay a that you fe learn You play with fire then you know you are go burn Time fe get wise hear me bredrin Just look ina me eyes You have fe be strong ina the system Ca good times soon arrive Chorus Verse You say you wan draw gun ina the morning You say you wan carry knife You say you wan tek an innocent victim But you no that it no right Say would you tell me what you thinking about Young boy say me wan understand What mek you drive to the badness youth man Where does the evil come from We have to get down to the root of the problem find solution Sometimes you have fe step out the life that you living to check the situation You don't just look at the things that you're doing you have fe find the reason Say nothing ever easy ina life hear me bredrin But your mind have fe strong Chorus

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