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Chorus Wine your body Wriggle your belly Dip and go down in a the new stylee Wine and go up, wine and go down Bubble and a rock ca the new style around You fe line it up, you fe wine it up Do the boomshackalak till the dance hall full up The boomshackalak it a the brand new style Wicked say it wicked jah jah no say it wild Raggamuffin style fe the discipline child Dip and go down ca it well versatile You fe move fe your waist, move fe your back Wine and go down do the shack-a-lak-a-lak Get in a the groove ca you are the top notch Bubble and a wine gal right pon the spot Chorus The gal pon the left she truly design Watch how she bubble and watch how she wine Back, she front, she a move she waist line Tell a boy say that the gal say she mine Mine she mine ca we rock it in a time Everybody join in when she give you the sign Chorus The english gal a do the boomshackalak The american gal a do the boomshackalak The indian possie do the boomshackalak The yardy gal a do the boomshackalak The japanese gal a do the boomshackalak And the german gal a do the boomshackalak Chorus Put yours hands in a the air like you just don’t care Raggamuffin deh bout so you better be aware The north and the south everybody everywhere Flex out shock out ca the vibe in a the air Bubble and a wine ca the gal a draw near Everybody sing out when the dj say Chorus

Descarca album mp3 cuvinte cuvinte cuvinte mp3. Versuri muzica straina versuri Apache Indian melodia asculta Boomshackalak.

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