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Knock hard, I canââ¬â¢t hear anymore Iââ¬â¢ve been wasting on a whisper Jump start, all this flesh on the floor Just like in Bowling when he finally ... Checking out a fancy With no time to skip the beat Checking out a fancy Sweet! Tucking in the waved heat and My back begins to wave Hey Kevin guess what? You just sent me to heaven Donââ¬â¢t mind you Now youââ¬Ëre Mr. Blue Pouring me jugs of juice For the diary Iââ¬â¢m ââ¬Å¡back to Jamaicaââ¬Ë Feeling irey Loving in the seventh Lots of sharps and flats to play Loving in the seventh Day Keep your faith in the right You might swing and start to sway

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