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On Tuesdays mornings youââ¬â¢d wake her up Take the firty clothes And be on your way In the afternoons When she got home Youââ¬â¢d share a snack And talk about the day Youââ¬â¢d fry chicken At her birthday party For that alone They wouldââ¬â¢ve stayed To the little girl You were her greatest present To other kids you were just The maid If angels can fly Then you can fly If angels can fly Then youââ¬â¢d... Go with her to your neighborhood To play with children door to door Unaware of heat between your colors Eternal war of man rich and poor And home there was no home With you sheââ¬Ëd run away You said Your Mum and Dad They love you soââ¬Å And gentle strength convinced the girl Then you can fly If angels can fly Then youââ¬â¢d... When you had a stroke on That summerââ¬â¢s night The teenage girl nearly Thought you died She wanted bad to wake you up.... Then you can fly If angels can fly Then you can...

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