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Versuri New York, New York

Yo B (turn your speakers up man) Turn your speakers up money! Yo God! (Yo God?) Yo I got mad skills. Isn't that money? Chorus: Snoop New York New York big city of dreams And everything in New York ain't always what it seems You might get fooled if you come from out of town But I'm down by law, and I'm from the Dogg Pound Verse One: Kurupt It's the incredible, the lyrical You can't be me like Niece, to see me is gonna take a miracle I'm driving motherfuckers hysterical, with a touch of this twister, stylistic mixture What I create pulsates, there is no escape Annihilate your mental mindstate Dre labels my vocabulary abusive I packs more knowledge than Confuscius, I'm deadly Induce you like Medusa, with thoughts to shed And niggaz throughout this hemisphere, far and near Prepare, catch me chillin like the winter Up against the number one contender, as I enter Cause I gets heated like friction Motherfuck your whole jurisdiction, react this fact not fiction Telepathic addiction, to this homicidal recital Dangerous and vital to all my rivals Suicidal, brainwaves conveys To the average motherfucker's minds these days I'm all ready to put work in Take ten steps and turn to shoot the first nigga smirkin Give a FUCK, what's your name, what you claim Or why you came, motherfucker don't explain Simply, don't tempt me, cause I'm simply Layin hoes lifes empty, the invicible MC Chorus One Chorus Two: Snoop Too much, I serve too many people, too much It's too much, I serve too many people And when I finish servin ain't gon be no sequel Chorus One and Two Verse Two: Kurupt Gimme a couple G's, for every MC, I knocked to his knees Verbally useless, oh you got the juice? I squeeze you juiceless The barbaric, versatile, you're no kin to me So how the fuck you inherit my style? Now, out the clear blue sky, I can't deny Not a day goes by, don't get high, don't ask why Tonight's the night for me to rip microphones Into bits and pieces lyrical telekinesis Gets me into verbally vindictive Violent vocabulary bobs to existance Catch me in the pitch black path I sit and let the sick thought pass through my mental till I hear an instrumental And detrimental verbals get to spittin The highest in intellect, try connectin with the written Now they faced with the forbidden, vocally chosen To explore new terrain, then remain unseen, throughout the war Dips like a low-low, with my verbal fo'-fo' The cocoa complexion MC with the slow flow Fo sho', I takes it to you from the do' Motherfucker, mentally I go hardco' (you know!) I disconnect ya, Kurupter, MC to vocally bore your whole molecular, structure Catastrophic, mystic as Mixelplix Hittin MC's like picks the deadliest lyricist Chorus One and Two: repeat 2X [Kurupt] We live... tonight I serve two thousand MC's We live... cause can't none fuck with the DPG'z [Daz] We live (baby) because tonight I serve two thousand MC's We live (baby) none can fuck with the DPG'z [Snoop] DPGC, ba-by ABC the DPG'z Ba-by... Verse Three: Kurupt Eryday, I bust rhymes and recite In ways that make MC's stop in daylight I'm the deadlies MC you wanna see on the streets Invincibility is what makes me complete, compete Nah you can't even fade me I fuck, you, your momma, your auntie, and your lady... *bzzt to static*

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