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Versuri If We All Gonna Fuck

[Kurupt] I seen this ho, yeh whats up bitch a nigga never knew that he could fuck so quick looney as the mutherfucka its the d-o-g The K-u-r-u-p-t and the D-a-z [Daz] Well know how we treat ho's slammin on they back like dominos on how I love love a bitch thats why a bitch aint shit thats the reason why your main ho ate my dick [Kurupt] Eh yo she ate yo dick(uh huh) she ate mines too/now what the fuck did me and D-a-z pursue [Daz] We served the ho's gin and juice and we blazed up the sac/ relax and chill the bitch didnt know how to act [Kurupt]Now they all fucked up & theres a knock on the door [Daz]Who is it? [Kurupt]It's my nigga Snoop Dogg wit a flock a ho's [Snoop Dogg] Man I brought dick suckin Annie Mae ass lickin Sandy Fae Renee/Cherl and this here is Tanqueray ladies chill make yourself at home once again it's on Chorus [Kurupt]Now if I fuck [Daz]and if Style fuck [Snoop]yo and if Snoop fuck [all]then we all gon fuck [Kurupt]But if you fuck [Daz]and if Dat Nigga Daz fuck [Snoop]and if he fuck [Kurupt]then we all gon fuck [Kurupt]Now if I fuck [Daz]and if I fuck [Snoop]yo and if I fuck [Kurupt]then we all gon fuck [Kurupt]what if Snoop fuck [Daz]and if I bust a nut [Snoop]and if I bust a nut [Kurupt]then we all gon fuck(beeatch) [Snoop] Drip Drop Drop Drip look at these ho's all over my dick tic toc toc tic ho's be talkin shit but steady gobblin dick [Daz]Shit im surprised to see this bitch at the party [Kurupt]Man I like that one Id bet she'd eat a fat one [Daz] I bet Id fuck that bitch(put that on somethin) I see it in her eyes/I know what she be wantin(what) the ho think I got a gang a endz I could fuck her..and probly 20 a da bitch friends [Snoop] Back off or jack off and quit that jaw jackin and get my muthafuckin endz stackin You know how my program flow(but I love you Snoop Dogg) I dont love you ho [Daz] I see my cousin Joe Cool pull me to the side and blaze us all high [Kurupt] Now why are we high as venus you see us floatin.... [Daz]Whole up...waz up? [girl]waz up [Daz]where's Thurman?? [girl]up in here [Daz]how many ho's yall bringin over here [girl]about 5 for each [Daz]where yall at the freeway? [girl]we on the freeway [Daz]Damn..Took yall long enough we was jumpin like a mu when it was about 11 oclock [Girl]Who the hell over there...Kurupt over there?? [Daz], dogg [Girl]Is Snoopy Dogg over there?? [Daz]Yeah... [Girl]Well tell that nigga I said whole up we gon be there on them thang in a minute [Daz]aight so we gon be here [girl]what??? [Daz]we gon be here wit some more ho's chillin and relaxin [girl]...thats right thats rightnone of us dont carry nuttin ..its goin down...down Yo we all gon fuck mp3 cuvinte If We All Gonna Fuck melodia. Tha Dogg Pound muzica cuvinte versuri asculta descarca versuri album muzica straina versurile.

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